US drinks giant PepsiCo has filed a lawsuit against Coca-Cola Co and Energy Brands, accusing them of making false attacks on its Gatorade sports drink.

The trademark lawsuit, filed by PepsiCo's Stokely-Van Camp unit, seeks to block an advertisement claiming that Powerade ION4 is "superior" to Gatorade.

The advert claims that Powerade ION4 is "the complete sports drink", while also claiming that Gatorade is "missing two electrolytes" and is "incomplete."

The lawsuit accuses Coca-Cola of "false advertising, trademark dilution, deceptive acts and practices, injury to business reputation and unfair competition" under the US trademark law known as the Lanham Act.

A spokesperson for PepsiCo told just-drinks today (14 April) the Coca-Cola's claim is "completely false".

"As the category leader, we have a responsibility to ensure consumers are accurately informed about t he benefits of a sports drink. And the truth is scientists say there is no evidence that Powerade ION4 is a more complete sports drink than Gatorade," the spokesperson for the Gatorade brand said.

A spokesperson for Coca-Cola told just-drinks: "We stand behind our product and are prepared to defend the role Powerade plays in hydrating consumers."