PepsiCo fell 22 positions behind Coca-Cola in the list

PepsiCo fell 22 positions behind Coca-Cola in the list

PepsiCo has tumbled down a poll of the world's most-respected companies, dropping from ninth to 30th in a poll of US money managers.

The annual poll, compiled by financial magazine Barron's, asked 116 money managers to rate a company's business and management strategies. It also assesses factors such as corporate ethics, innovation and revenue growth among the world's 100 largest publicly-traded firms.

The managers rate each company "highly respected", "respected", "somewhat respected" or "not respected".

The results, published over the weekend, saw 15% of respondents rate PepsiCo as "highly respected", down from 29% last year. The Coca-Cola Co, meanwhile, remained in 8th place from the year before, with 39% rating it "highly respected".

Some 26% rated PepsiCo "somewhat respected" compared to 16% for Coca-Cola.

Anheuser-Busch InBev stayed at 34th on the list with 15% rating it "highly respected" and 44% "respected". 

Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton, which includes fashion brands as well as wine and spirits, took 41st position, dropping nine spots from last year. Some 19% rated it "highly respected".

Diageo placed 50th, with 12% rating it "highly respected" and 36% "respected". The UK-based company was not on the list last year. SABMiller was also a new entry, coming in at 59th, with 5% rating it "highly respected" and 39% "respected".

The list, is not the first poll that PepsiCo has struggled in this year. Last month, PepsiCo's flagship brand Pepsi dropped four places in an annual survey of the world's most valuable brands.