PepsiCo has worked with UK body the Carbon Trust to calculate and certify the carbon footprint of its Tropicana juice brand.

A 64-ounce carton of Tropicana Pure Premium Orange Juice is responsible for an average 1.7kg of carbon emissions, PepsiCo said yesterday (22 January).

The company confirmed the figure at the launch of a partnership with the Carbon Trust to certify the carbon footprint of several different PepsiCo products. Tropicana's footprint was calculated with help from the Columbia Earth Institute.

The soft drinks giant said that the initiative would give it "a verifiable benchmark against which the company can measure greenhouse gas reduction progress going forward".

Neil Campbell, president of Tropicana in North America, said: "Tropicana will use these findings to further prioritise our efforts to reduce our overall carbon footprint. We will build on our already robust sustainability initiatives to further reduce our carbon footprint in the coming years."