PepsiCos Social Vending System features interactive technology

PepsiCo's Social Vending System features interactive technology

PepsiCo has launched a Social Vending System in the US, featuring interactive technology that allows consumers to 'gift' a beverage to a colleague.

The unit features touch screen digital technology, whereby consumers can purchase a drink, entering the recipient's name, mobile number and a personalised text message, PepsiCo said on Wednesday (27 April). The gift is delivered with a system code and instructions to redeem it at any PepsiCo Social Vending system.

There is also the option to record a short video at the machine.

"Social Vending extends our consumers' social networks beyond the confines of their own devices and transforms a static, transaction-oriented experience into something fun and exciting," said PepsiCo Foodservice's chief innovation officer, Mikel Durham.

Further development of the Social Vending System is underway, PepsiCo said, and it expects to begin testing the concept with "key partners" later this year.

For a video presentation of the system, put together by PepsiCo, click here.