PepsiCo has started testing a protein-based energy drink in the US, which does not carry the company's name on it.

The beverage, called Fuelosophy, is being trialled in the mid-west and north-east of the country through branches of natural and organic food seller Whole Foods Market. The Whole Foods chain is used mainly by early adopters who respond less favourably to mass marketing techniques.

Not only is the packaging of the drink - which is being tested in four flavours - free of any mention of PepsiCo, but the brand's website,, also does not carry the company's name.

"We just decided to use a different model with this brand, a slower approach to let consumers discover it," a spokesperson for PepsiCo told just-drinks today (16 November). The drink is currently at a very early stage of testing, the spokesperson added, so very little information was available about the company's future plans for the brand.