PepsiCo could be forced to sell its All-Sport brand if its acquisition of Quaker Oats and the Gatorade brand is to be given approval by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC).

Neither Pepsi or Quaker Oats would discuss the Federal Trade Commission's request for additional information in connection with its antitrust review.

Dick Detwiler at PepsiCo told "This kind of request is not uncommon in a deal of this size and we fully anticipated it."

But a report by Wall Street Journal claims that "while the FTC is not expected to derail the deal, it could force Pepsi to sell off an overlapping product line or impose other restrictions as a condition of approval."

The WSJ report also claims that lawyers familiar with the review say that, at a minimum, Pepsi might be forced to sell its third-ranked All-Sport drink as it competes with Quaker's Gatorade, which has an 84% share of US sports drinks.

If the acquisition goes ahead, opposition to the deal also claim that Pepsi will be in a much stronger position to force pricing and with Gatorade it will dominate shelf space.