Click through to see PepsiCos new plant-based PET bottle

Click through to see PepsiCo's new plant-based PET bottle

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PepsiCo has laid claim to having developed the first PET plastic bottle made from plant-based, fully renewable resources.

The bottle is recyclable, PepsiCo said, and is made from bio-based raw materials, including switch grass, pine bark and corn husks. The company hopes to broaden the renewable sources used to create the bottle to include orange peels, potato peels, oat hulls and other agricultural by-products from its foods business.

The company, which unveiled the bottle earlier today (15 March), intends to pilot production of the new bottle next year. Should the pilot prove a success, it will look to move directly to “full-scale commercialisation”.

When contacted by just-drinks, a spokesperson for PepsiCo explained that, whilst the bottle is fully recyclable, because it is still PET-based, it is not degradable.