Pepsi-Cola North America is launching a line of zero-calorie colas which it hopes will appeal to consumers after a more "indulgent experience" than they currently get from typical zero-calorie sodas.

Called Jazz, the colas include flavours such as Black Cherry French Vanilla and Strawberries & Cream. Jazz is available nationwide this month.

"We believe once people try Jazz they will start seeing diet colas in a new light," said Russell Weiner, vice president of colas, Pepsi-Cola North America. "Jazz is a simple way to satisfy sweet cravings without the guilt. In this case, zero calorie definitely does not mean zero taste."

The company said it was responding to research it conducted in a National Indulgence Survey. Figures from the survey, Pepsi said, showed that adults in the US are watching their waistlines at the expense of their tastebuds. The study's findings revealed that many consumers associate indulgence with sacrifice.

Pepsi-Cola North America is the beverage unit of PepsiCo Inc in the US and Canada.