Pepsi is launching a reduced plastic non-carbonated beverage bottle in the US in a bid to eliminate approximately 20m pounds of waste from the environment.

The 500ml bottle, to be rolled out this month, will be launched through Lipton Iced Tea, Tropicana juice drinks, Aquafina FlavorSplash and Aquafina Alive, the company said yesterday (6 May).

In addition to a 20% reduction in the plastic resin, there will be a 10% reduction in the label size and a 5% reduction in the shrink wrap film used to wrap the multi-packs.

"As a company, we've challenged ourselves to consistently identify ways to lessen our impact on the environment and in this case we're doing a little 'plastic surgery,'" said Robert Lewis, vice president of worldwide beverage packaging and equipment development, PepsiCo. "We're constantly striving to make our packaging an even smaller part of the waste stream and this new bottle is just one of many examples."

Led by Pepsi-Cola North America's packaging development team, the effort to lightweight the bottle is part of PepsiCo's plan to "improve all aspects of the world in which the business operates."

"The challenge was to deliver significantly lighter packaging that would provide the same shelf life as the heavier bottle, withstand the manufacturing and distribution process yet not compromise aesthetics," said Lewis. "After a full year of hard work from multiple corners of the company, we hit the trifecta - a bottle that satisfied the needs of our system, our consumers and the environment."