PepsiCo made up market share ground on its archrival in the US, Coca-Cola Company, according to figures released yesterday.

Data compiled by the industry newsletter Beverage Digest and analyst John Maxwell showed that Coca-Cola's share of the $63.8 billion US carbonated soft drink market fell 0.3% to 44% in 2003. Meanwhile PepsiCo's share rose 0.4% to 31.8%.

In volume terms, Coca-Cola's fell 0.2% in 2003, while PepsiCo's volumes gained 1.8%.

John Sicher, editor of Beverage Digest pointed to the failure of Coca-Cola to match the success in 2002 of its Vanilla Coke in 2003. Vanilla Coke market share fell 0.3%, the survey said, in 2003.

Meanwhile PepsiCo had had success in 2003 with Sierra Mist, which added about 140 million unit cases to PepsiCo's overall volumes in 2003.

However, worryingly for both companies, their flagship brands Coke Classic and Pepsi-Cola both fell in volumes and market share.

In total, the US soft drink market rose 0.6%, disappointing after levels of 2% in 2002 and nearer 4% in the 1990s.