PepsiCo has reportedly launched a fresh defence of its business in India in a TV ad that features the head of its local operations denying its products are unsafe.

According to the Agence France Presse news agency yesterday (10 September), the ad shows PepsiCo India chairman Rajeev Bakshi accompanying a consumer through one of its plants, stating the company's products carry his "personal guarantee" they are safe "for you, for me and for my children".

The ad is the latest commercial made by Pepsi and Coca-Cola aimed at convincing Indian consumers that their products are safe to drink.

The US soft drinks giants have seen a number of Indian states ban their products after a report in July claimed 57 samples of Coke and Pepsi brands had been found to contain 24 times more pesticide than permitted.

The states have refused to lift bans on soft drinks sales despite the country's federal government dismissing claims the products contained illegal levels of pesticides.

Most states only banned the sale of the drinks in government-run offices, schools and colleges but one, the state of Kerala, enacted a state-wide ban.

Both Pepsi and Coke have insisted their products remain safe to drink.