Coca-cola and PepsiCo are pitching the odd googly at one another in cricket-crazy India. Brand wars in the country are fought with film stars or cricket, and Pepsi has bought the endorsement of most cricket celebrities this year.

Coke's summer 2001 campaign began with top Bollywood stars Aamir and Aishwarya depicting ordinary fans watching a match, superstitiously linking the outcome to small gestures.

In the advert, the blue shirt loses to the red in direct reference to the soft drinks companies' corporate colours; blue is Pepsi's colour, Coke is red.

Coke's winning combination, mixing cricket and cinema, seems to be paying off after it has enlisted all of India's top film stars, including the current reigning heart-throb, Hrithik Roshan.

Meanwhile, Pepsi's juice interests have been improved by lowering prices on the back of latest government concessions. Excise duties have been lowered by a half a percentage point, dropping the price of Pepsi's Tropicana fruit juice from 68 to 62 rupees a litre. Dabur's Real, which holds 55% market share, has fallen from 60 to 58 rupees a litre, and various reductions for the 200ml packs.

Coke's Maaza, and the Mangola brand remain unchanged.