The Pepsi Bottling Group said yesterday that its board of directors had elected L. Kevin Cox to the newly-created position of executive vice-president, effective immediately. Most recently, Cox served as senior vice president and chief personnel officer for PBG.
Cox, 40, will lead PBG's business development activities, primarily focusing on strengthening operating synergies among the Pepsi-Cola bottling system, Pepsi-Cola Company and their customers. He also will assume responsibility for PBG's business strategy, working closely with the company's three operating presidents on multi-year plans and objectives, the company said.

PBG's law department and information technology department, headed by senior vice-president and general counsel Pamela C. McGuire and senior vice-president and chief information officer Neal A. Bronzo respectively, will report to Cox, as well as the company's human resources function.
John T. Cahill, PBG chairman and CEO, said, "Kevin Cox is one of our most talented senior executives, bringing to the table a powerful combination of visionary thinking and results-oriented leadership. Over the past five years, Kevin has built a world-class Human Resources function, while at the same time making significant contributions in the integration of new territories and the development of our strategic plan. In expanding his responsibilities, we will benefit more broadly from his business acumen and insights.

"Kevin's depth of knowledge of the bottling business and his ability to forge strong partnerships across the organisation will serve him well in this new position."