Premium Tequila brand Partida is responding to the UK's growing thirst for high-end, 100% agave Tequila by rolling out a super luxury extension to its line.

Patrida Elegante, which will be launched in February this year, comes to the UK after six months of success in the US, and will sit in the highest end of the Tequila market. With an RRP of GBP250 (US$493) and only 100 bottles allocated to the UK, it will be aimed at the country's burgeoning group of Tequila connoisseurs and collectors of luxury spirits.

It has been aged for over 36 months, which makes it the latest example of the 'Extra Añejo' Tequila category. It is presented in numbered, hand-finished bottles with crystal stoppers. Partida Elegante - along with the rest of the Partida range - is being handled in the UK by distribution company inspirit brands.

"Partida has been very happy with the success of Partida Elegante in the US, and we think it will do just as well in the UK," Stuart Ekins, sales and marketing director of Inspirit Brands, told just-drinks. "Partida Añejo sells at GBP40-GBP50 a shot in hotel bars, which means there is a market for expensive Tequilas. The fact is it's no different from a Cognac or Armagnac, but consumers who have enjoyed a fine Tequila are more likely to stick to it because it is something different. We're confident people will pay more than GBP200 for an exceptional Tequila like Partida Elegante."

The new release is the fourth member of the Partida family, which consists of Partida Blanco, Partida Reposado and Partida Añejo.