Parched Group has teamed up with Republic National Distribution Company (RNDC) to handle the distribution of its Cirrus Vodka brand in the US.

The company said today (26 July) that it has joined forces with the spirit distributor to deal with the marketing and distribution of Cirrus in Virginia.

Cirrus brand owner and distiller Paul McCann said: "Partnering with RNDC, we feel will increase and enhance brand visibility. In addition, having RNDC handling our Cirrus brand allows us to continue to focus on what we do best as a manufacturer of premium distilled spirits."
The company added that it is also in discussion with distributors in Washington DC.
In addition to Virginia and Washington DC, Cirrus is already distributed in Memphis by Victor Robilio Company and is set to roll out in Nashville at the end of the month with Best Brands.

McCann added: "We are close to also making a decision on our Carolina and GA distributors. We will be making those decisions in the upcoming months."