Ovaltine, the well-known malted chocolate drink is no longer to be pushed as the ideal 'bedtime' cuppa. Its new UK advertising campaign (the first for 14 years) is leaping on the energy drink bandwagon by promoting it as the drink that "can offer you that much needed zest for life."

As well as the TV campaign with 4 witty 10-second advertisements showcasing the Ovaltine 'zest for life' there is to be a massive sampling campaign, targeting UK slimmers and office workers.

Over 2,000 Slimming World clubs are to receive 250,000 samples of Ovaltine Light, together with money-off-next-purchase coupons. Four hundred and sixty office complexes in the UK have also been targeted to receive samples of Original and Ovaltine Light as well as money off next purchase coupons and a chance to win £500.

"The drinks 'hi-malt' content provides both long and short chain carbohydrates giving an instant boost whilst keeping office workers and everybody, going longer," said Novartis Consumer Health, makers of Ovaltine.

The company added: "Malt provides several forms of energy from a pick me up to a sustained release of energy to keep you going."

Ovaltine Power (the recommended retail price for a 280g jar is £1.19) has added vitamins and minerals and is targeted towards the needs of growing children.

Available in all major UK supermarkets and independents Ovaltine Light (200g jar) has a recommended retail price of £1.39 and a 200g jar of Ovaltine Original is £1.19.