Exports of Chilean wines with denomination of origin rose by 9% between January and October last year. The Chilean Office for Agricultural Studies and Policies reported yesterday that the increase year-on-year equated to a total of US$428m, with a volume of 158,727 tonnes.

The UK was the top importer of Chilean wine, according to the office, taking 21.9% of Chile's exports. The US was second with 16%, followed by Denmark (6.8%), Ireland (6.1%), Canada (5.5%) and Germany (5.3%).

Concha y Toro, Santa Rita and San Pedro wineries all exported high levels of wine with denomination of origin.

In December last year, the Spanish News Digest reported that the president of Chile's wine producers association Vinas de Chile, Rafael Guilisasti, estimates the exports of Chilean wine in 2004 will increase by 10% year-on-year to $850m.