The Opici Import Company has been appointed national importer for De Martino Chilean wines.

Wines within the De Martino portfolio are marketed under five different designations; 347 Vineyards, Legado, Single Vineyard, Familia and two certified organic wines.

The Opici Import Company is owned by The Opici Family, one of America's leading importers of fine wines and spirits. The company currently imports and markets over forty brands of wines, spirits, and cordials nationwide.

Opici represents wines and spirits from Italy, Spain, France, Chile, South Africa, and California. Wine estates include Carpineto and Luiano from Tuscany, Giovanni Viberti and Rizzi from Piemonte and the Cesari and La Colombaia estates in Veneto. Spirits include the cordials and liqueurs of Silvio Meletti, and the South African brandies and liqueurs of KWV.