Ones Juiced Water range

One's Juiced Water range

One's Juiced Water 
Category - soft drinks, bottled water
Available - From this month
Location - UK
Price - RRP GBP1.30 (US$1.90) per 40cl bottle

One has launched a range of flavoured waters, with no added sugar. 

One Juiced Waters comprise juice, spring water and natural flavouring with no sweeteners, preservatives or added sugar. The range comprises Raspberry & Apple, Orange & Mango and Cloudy Apple. 

The One brand donates its profit to fund water projects via a charity. 

"There's been a lot of media focus on reducing sugar consumption and consumers are looking for drinks without added sugar. We're proud to launch a range of drinks that not only offers a healthier proposition to consumers, but has charitable benefits too," said Ian Spooner, marketing director at One. "We believe by consuming on a more conscious level, we can all effect positive change."

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