US drinks consumers are more than twice as likely to order beer or mixed drinks than wine when drinking away from home, according to a recent survey in the country.

The survey, announced by consultancy firm Technomic yesterday (24 October), examined dining and drinking-out occasions across the US and noted that consumer intake leant more towards spirits, beer and mixed drinks than wine, depending on the occasion.

The findings highlighted that 48% of consumers opted for spirits and mixed drinks and 46% chose beer, but only 18% plumped for wine. Relative shares add up to more than 100% due to people consuming more than one type of alcohol, said Technomic.

Results changed dramatically when drinking was based on occasion, with wine consumption rising to 37% for business meals or special events such as a romantic meals, the consultancy said.

The research, which also examined results based on venues and consumer demographics, found that the largest share of all on-trade consumption was made up of informal family meals, making up a quarter of all adult beverage occasions.

Technomic added: "This finding is particularly interesting for casual dining operators, many of which have struggled to build alcohol sales and have concentrated instead on facilitating their off-premise business through take-out sales."