Gulf states face severe stress on water supplies

Gulf states face severe stress on water supplies

Oman may ban bottled water exports to help sate domestic demand, according to local reports.

The Ministry of Commerce and Industry said the sultanate is suffering a shortfall of about 40m cubic-litres of bottled water, the Oman Tribune reported today (28 May). While Oman produces around 402m cubic-litres of water per year, it exports 14m cubic-litres and imports 54m cubic-litres, the report said.

Water shortages are an acute problem in Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries, including Oman. According to the United Nations, five Gulf countries rank among the world’s ten countries with the lowest per capita renewable water resources.

Last year, Saudi Arabi and UAE halted bottled water exports to fellow-GCC countries.

Still water is used for cooking in some GCC countries, further stressing supplies.

Nestlé Waters is the market leader for bottled water in Saudi Arabia.