French winemakers are planning a "promotional blitzkrieg" to tingle the taste buds of millions of Indian consumers later this year once quantitative restrictions (QRs) are lifted from April 1.

According to the Indian newspaper Business Standard, the big names in French wine, which dominates more than 50% of the world wine market, will showcase their premium brands in the Mumbai wine expo in May.

The roadshow will hit Mumbai in September, the French Ambassador to India, Bernard De Montferrand was quoted as saying. French majors see India as one of the big emerging markets. "The fair will be funded by French wine companies and it will introduce their products to local consumers," Montferrand said.

He said knowledge of the French language would not be an impediment for Indian professionals working in France. "A crash course of French for three weeks will suffice the purpose," he said.

France's exports to India stood at $737.94m in 1999-2000 and India's to France was $920.69m during the same period.