Sagatiba has secured a listing in the UK off-trade.

The cachaça producer announced yesterday (9 May) that the brand would now be available in Oddbins. The brand will be extended to all stores nationwide throughout the year, the company added.

"This is a fantastic step forward for Sagatiba, and for bringing cachaça to the attention of the broader public," said Nick Gillett, UK commercial manager for Sagatiba. "Oddbins delivers world-class brands to high streets across the country and we are proud to be working with them."

Claudia Brown, PR manager of Oddbins added: "Oddbins takes pride in stocking the very best products from all over the globe. We are delighted to be able to offer our customers this world class premium product."

Sagatiba was founded in Sao Paolo in July 2003 and operates in Brazil and throughout Europe.