Odwalla has launched a website with game show champ Ken Jennings, challenging visitors to a spelling contest to aid the launch of its new drinks range.

The site, www.BeSoySmart.com, aims to promote Odwalla's latest health drinks line, Soy Smart, a blend of soymilk, Omega-3 DHA and calcium.

"I worked with Odwalla and their new product, Soy Smart, to create BeSoySmart.com to test America's spelling smarts," said Jennings.

The drinks are available in chai, vanilla and chocolate flavours and is made with 86% or more organic ingredients, the company claims.

The Soy Smart line will be sold in recyclable 450ml plastic bottle and retail at US$3.29.

Odwalla, which was bought by the Coca-Cola Co. in 2002,  offers juice drinks, soy beverages, soymilk and food bars.