Ocean Sprays second auction will take place on 28 July

Ocean Spray's second auction will take place on 28 July

Ocean Spray has confirmed details of its next cranberry concentrate auction.

The US-based cooperative, consisting of around 600 cranberry and 50 grapefruit growers, said today (19 May) that its second auction will take place on 28 July.

Bidders will be able to contract for cranberry concentrate at fixed prices for extended periods of time, enabling companies to benefit from the current low pricing for cranberry concentrate.

Beverage manufacturers can also visit the Ocean Spray booth at the DrinksIngredients virtual event on 27 May. Attendees will see short videos about the auction process, cranberry crop and cranberry processing quality, and will be able to download information about Ocean Spray’s ingredients for beverage applications.

Michael Stamatakos, vice president, agricultural supply and development at Ocean Spray said: “The July auction is a great opportunity for manufacturers to take advantage of today’s pricing. We are offering extended-period contracts, and the pricing will be decided through the fair, transparent process that the online auction provides.”

Further information and details on how to register can be found by clicking here.