Ocean Spray, the cranberry producer and processor, has completed the expansion of its Wisconsin Rapids production facility.

The expansion, which has seen the plant double in size to 440,000sq.ft, makes the facility the largest cranberry processing plant in the world, Ocean Spray claimed.

Total investment in the expansion programme, including energy and environmental efficiency technologies, has been more than US$90m over the last three years, Ocean Spray said.

Ocean Spray chairman, Francis Podvin, said: "With the talented and dedicated people at this plant and the local grower community, we will continue to strengthen our brand and focus our resources on innovation, creativity and creating additional demand for our products."

President and CEO Randy Papadellis said that "the Ocean Spray brand is stronger than ever", and added that the expansion programme would create extra jobs in the area.

Ocean Spray is an agricultural cooperative formed by Massachusetts cranberry growers 75 years ago. It generated turnover of around US$1.7bn in 2007.