The ban was due to come in today

The ban was due to come in today

New York mayor Michael Bloomberg has vowed to appeal against a judge's decision to halt a ban on large sugary drinks in the city and believes the law will still come into effect. 

A New York state Supreme court judge rejected the ban yesterday (12 March), the day before it was due to be implemented. Judge Milton Tingling branded the proposal to outlaw high-sugar soft drinks bigger than 16oz (47.3cl)  as “arbitrary and capricious”. 

But, in a press conference following the decision, Bloomberg said his administration will appeal the ban. “We believe the judge's decision was clearly an error and we will prevail on appeal,” he told reporters.  

Judge Tingling said that New York's health board lacked the authority to bring in such a ban. But, a City Hall reprenstative said: “We think he is wrong, if you look at the law and look at the precedents.”

Earlier, Bloomberg said: "There are many, many instances where a lower court decision has gone against us and then been reversed.”

The US' National Restaurant Association, which filed a lawsuit against the ban along with the American Beverage Association, welcomed the judge's ruling. Dawn Sweeney, president & CEO said: "This is a great victory, particularly for thousands of restaurant operators and industry suppliers serving New York City who would have experienced financial hardships had the ban been enacted."