New York's mayor plans to push onward with plans to make Snapple the city's official beverage, despite having the deal rejected by the comptroller, according to press reports. The New York Post reported yesterday that Mayor Bloomberg has questioned Comptroller William Thompson's conclusion that the deal to make the drink New York's official beverage was "tainted".

Although he has admitted that the process leading up to the agreement with the Snapple Beverage Group Inc. was not "the product of a perfected process that the city will seek to replicate in the future," Mayor Bloomberg plans to begin putting Snapple vending machines in all city-owned buildings from next week, the Post said.

Under a city-wide deal last September, the soft-drink giant outbid half-a-dozen competitors for the exclusive right to place beverage vending machines in city offices and parks. However, the comptroller accused the city of steering the deal to Snapple, even though several other companies submitted bids that would have paid the city more.

"Accepting, as I do, the position that the Department of Education reasonably could and actually did select Snapple as the true winner of its marketing competition, I do not find, contrary to your auditors, a sinister explanation for the eventual outcome of the DOE process," Bloomberg wrote in a letter to Thompson.