NutriPure Beverages and XND Technologies have confirmed details of their launch schedule for the Nu2O line of bottled water products.

The two companies said yesterday (10 February) that they intend to launch their first three Nu2O bottled waters simultaneously in the US and Japan by summer 2009.

Timing of the launches is still dependent on the finalisation of funding and regulatory approvals.

Initial product formulations include 'Energy', 'Immune' and 'Complete Nutrition'. A further three formulations, 'Sports', 'Joint' and 'Weight Control', are scheduled to be introduced after the second quarter of operations, and a total of 12 products within the first year.

The companies reiterated their forecasts of gross product sales in the region of US$10.9m for the first 12 months of operations, $49.9m for its second year, and $66.1m for the third year.

NutriPure said that its products contain no calories, carbohydrates, colours or flavours other than pure water.