CEO Kenyatto Jones said reports regarding NutriPures intentions are “untrue"

CEO Kenyatto Jones said reports regarding NutriPure's intentions are “untrue"

NutriPure Beverages has denied reports that it is planning a reverse split of its common shares.

CEO Kenyatto Jones said in a statement yesterday (6 December) that rumours being spread by "certain contributors to Internet chat boards" regarding NutriPure's intentions are "untrue and unfounded and did not emanate from the company".

Instead, the firm's immediate focus is the launch of its Nu2O bottled water line and on "solidifying one or more" of the acquisitions it has been pursuing.

"We have no plans for, nor have we had any discussions about a, reverse split of our stock," Jones said. "Furthermore, I want to emphasise that any possible restructuring that this company might consider in the future would only be done in the best interest of the company and our shareholders and would only occur after careful deliberations."

Last week, NutriPure announced that its subsidiary XND Technologies has begun the design and assembly process of the equipment for the manufacturing of the Nu2O line.