The amount UK consumers spend on wine is on the rise, despite the recession

The amount UK consumers spend on wine is on the rise, despite the recession

The number of UK wine consumers who spend more than GBP7 (US$11) on a bottle has doubled in the last four years, but still represents less than a fifth of drinkers, according to new reseach. 

The latest Wine Intelligence Market Trends report found that 16% of consumers now spend this much on an off-trade puchase. Meanwhile, the proportion who often spend less than GBP5 per bottle has fallen from 65% to 45% since 2008. 

However, promotions remain key as a "choice cue", the report said, with grape variety and brand or product familiarity the next most significant influencer. 

Wine Intelligence said the rise in spend is partly driven by tax and duty increases in the UK. 

But Richard Halstead, Wine Intelligence’s COO, said it is also due to a shift in behaviour. 

“The recession era post-2008 has been characterised by consumers wanting to maintain their lifestyle through more canny purchasing habits, and wine is at the forefront of this trend," he said.

"Britain’s wine drinkers have got used to the idea of buying good food and wine to drink at home for a treat, whilst still saving money compared with a night out.”

He added: “Whilst promotions are still the key driver of purchase, it is being tempered by a need to trust in the product, which is driving consumers towards familiar and reassuring brands.”

In March, the UK arm of Pernod Ricard launched an off-trade initiative, aimed at attracting more consumers to its premium wines to help stem overall market decline.