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Nudie's Wonder Winnie

Category - Water, flavoured

Available - From last month

Location - Australia, nation-wide

Price - SRP of AUS2.99 (US$3.16) per 25cl bottle; AUS3.49 per one-litre bottle

Nudie has launched a stevia-sweetened range “water-based quencher” targeted at consumers looking for low-calorie beverages.

The Wonder Winnie range comes in six flavours: Cranberry and Apple with Aloe Vera; Grapefruit with Gingko Biloba; Lemon and Apple with Guarana; Cranberry, Apple and Lemon with Echinacea; and Cranberry and Raspberry with Rosehip. The range has been launched in time for summer, Nudie said.

Earlier this month, UK juice drinks maker Innocent announced it will spend GBP14m (US$22.6m) on brand awareness this year.

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Introducing New WONDER WINNIETM - a delicious tasting, 100% natural, water based quencher. Wonder Winnie is great for thirst, is naturally sweetened (with stevia), has no added sugar, is low in calories and is enhanced with the added bonus of Aloe Vera, Gingko Biloba, Echinacea, Rosehip and Guarana.

Proudly brought to you by the fruit lovers at nudie WONDER WINNIETM is a new range of water-based quenchers created especially for people who want a great tasting quencher without the calories.

High on taste and low in calories, the new range of WONDER WINNIETM quenchers are available in five mouthwatering flavours:

Cranberry and Apple with Aloe Vera

Grapefruit with Gingko Biloba

Lemon and Apple with Guarana

Cranberry, Apple and Lemon with Echinacea

Cranberry and Raspberry with Rosehip

Nutritionist and Naturopath Stephen Eddy said “WONDER WINNIETM is a great choice for people who want a great tasting product, which is 100% natural, without the calories. Wonder Winnie is a convenient & great alternative to drinks and other products which generally have a high sugar content."

Chief nudie James Ajaka comments: "We are really excited to be launching this new range of low calorie quenchers. It was important when developing this range that the final product not only tasted amazing and was low in calories, but was also 100% natural. We are really pleased with the look and feel of the new Wonder Winnie brand, and are happy to be launching just in time for summer."

WONDER WINNIETM quenchers are available in the juice section of your local Woolworths and other great local outlets. Available in two sizes and with a recommended retail price of $2.99 / 250mL bottle and $3.49 / 1L bottle. Visit for more information.


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