The range contains 50% fruit juice

The range contains 50% fruit juice

Nudie's Nudie & Soda

Category - Soft drinks, carbonated

Available - From this month

Location - Australia, “selected cafés and corner stores"

Price - SRP of AUD3 (US$2.80)

Australian juice company Nudie has launched a new range of carbonated soft drinks made with fruit juice.

The Nudie & Soda brand is targeted at consumers who “feel guilty about drinking soft drinks because of added sugar, preservatives, colours and artificial flavours”, the company said. Nudie & Soda is 50% fruit, 48% water and 1-2% added sugar and flavours.

Nudie & Soda's five flavours are:

  • Apple & More Apple 
  • Apple, Lemon & Ginger 
  • Apple, Cucumber & Kiwifruit 
  • Coconut Water, Apple, Raspberry & Cranberry 
  • Orange, Mango & Passion Fruit

In December, Nudie launched Wonder Winnie, a stevia-sweetened range “water-based quencher” targeted at consumers looking for low-calorie beverages.

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nudie changes soft drinks for good

nudie, the iconic Australian owned beverage company, is excited to launch nudie & soda. The range is the first of its kind in Australia and is made with 50% real fruit juice (not from concentrate). 

Australians consume 1.3 billion litres of soft drink per year in grocery alone, yet the category is growing very slowly (1.1% growth).1 New research shows that despite 86% of Australians consuming soft drinks, 75% admit that they feel guilty about it  (that’s more than 14 million Australians)! 2 

The main reasons peole are feeling guilty about drinking soft drinks is because of added sugar, preservatives, colours, artificial flavours and the belief that they don’t  add any nutritional value to their diet. nudie & soda contains no preservatives, colours, artificial flavours or other nasties commonly found in soft drinks such as sodium benzoate, potassium sorbate and phosphoric acid. It is made using 50% real fruit, 48% water and 1-2% added sugar (v/v) and natural flavours. James Ajaka, nudie’s CEO, said:"At nudie, we have always aimed to create good in the juice category. Recently we’ve explored other categories where, we think, 

consumers could get a better deal, soft drinks being one of them. We want people to be able to enjoy a soft drink without feeling guilty. We know they are feeling guilty about the amount of added sugar and unnatural ingredients in some soft drinks. We think nudie & soda ticks all the right boxes!”nudie & soda comes in five deliciously refreshing flavour combinations, with four of these, each containing one serve of fruit3: 

• apple & more apple 

• apple, lemon & ginger 

• apple, cucumber & kiwifruit 

• coconut water, apple, raspberry & cranberry 

• orange, mango & passionfruit 

The range is now available from selected cafes and corner stores at an RRP of $3.00 per unit.

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