Northland Cranberries, Inc. (Nasdaq: CBRYA) launched a major cranberry juice blend reformulation yesterday for its Northland brand 100% juice cranberry blends. This strategic development is expected to set a new standard for the cranberry juice industry, as well as create increased interest in the health benefits of cranberry juice products. The 27% Solution(TM) means Northland's 100% juice cranberry blends now contain a minimum of 27 percent cranberry juice.

According to registered dietitian Ruth Lahmayer, "Consuming cranberry juice on a regular basis has been associated with a number of health benefits, including the maintenance of a healthy urinary tract and heart. As a dietitian, I've always encouraged people to choose 100% fruit juices. Even though the label says 100% juice, that doesn't necessarily mean that the juice product contains the amount of cranberry juice that consumers might expect."

John Swendrowski, Northland's chairman and chief executive officer, stated, "Northland took the initiative to increase the cranberry content of its 100% juice blends to a minimum of 27 percent cranberry juice in response to the findings of recent medical studies. These studies suggest that 27 percent cranberry juice content will deliver important health benefits, like maintaining a healthy urinary tract and heart. Additional studies are investigating whether the regular consumption of cranberry juice may also be useful in fighting cancer, ulcers, and gum disease. Northland is the first and only national brand to make the across-the-board increase in the percentage of cranberry juice to 27 percent and to clearly state the percentage of cranberry juice content on the label of all eight flavors of its 100% juice cranberry blends. Consumers should be aware that not all cranberry juice products are alike and some actually contain less than 6 percent cranberry juice."

Northland Cranberries, Inc. is a vertically integrated grower, handler, processor and marketer of cranberries and value-added cranberry products. With 25 growing properties in Wisconsin and Massachusetts, Northland is the world's largest cranberry grower. The company processes and sells Northland brand 100% juice cranberry blends, Seneca brand juice products, Northland brand fresh cranberries and other cranberry products through retail supermarkets and other distribution channels. Northland also sells cranberry and other fruit concentrates to industrial customers who manufacture and distribute consumer juice products. It is the only publicly-owned, regularly-traded cranberry company in the United States, with shares traded on the Nasdaq Stock Market under the listing symbol: CBRYA.