Widmer Brothers Brewing Company and Redhook Ale Brewery have completed their merger, renaming the combined company Craft Brewers Alliance.

David Mickelson, president and chief operating officer of Redhook prior to the merger, and Terry Michaelson, president of Craft Brands Alliance (Redhook and Widmer's sales and marketing joint venture), will serve as co-CEOs of the combined company, the two brewers said yesterday (1 July).

Kurt Widmer, co-founder of Widmer, will serve as the company's chairman. Paul Shipman, most recently Redhook chairman and CEO, will serve as chairman emeritus.

"We're confident about what the future holds for this great company," said Widmer. "Our dedicated and talented team of employees continues to craft some of the most respected beers in the industry. Together, we're in a much better position to compete on a national basis in the increasingly popular and fast-growing craft beer industry."

The merger resulted in existing Widmer Brothers and Redhook shareholders each holding approximately 50% of the outstanding shares in the combined company. Anheuser-Busch remains a strategic distribution partner for both sets of brands, and holds a minority equity stake in the company.