Embodi, a non-alcoholic beverage that provides the health benefits of red wine without the alcohol, is launching in the US.

It will be available in three flavours; Citrus Resurgence (citrus fruits), Tropical Revival (goji berry and pomegranate), and Berry Renewal (blueberry and pomegranate).

An organic fruit juice blend, Embodi is developed from grape pomace extract and provides the full spectrum of red wine's antioxidants without the side effects of alcohol, the company said today (30 July).

"Embodi is combined with our red wine grape extract, which provides the health benefits of two glasses of red wine, without the alcohol," said Dan Waters, CEO of Embodi. "Embodi makes a daily regimen of red wine's powerful antioxidants available to millions of people who do not, or cannot, drink red wine."

Embodi is manufactured in the US and packaged in re-sealable 8oz aluminium bottles. It has a suggested retail price of US$2.49.