Pernod Ricard's major brands have been absent from shelves at major French retailer E Leclerc for the last three months, amid a price dispute between the two companies.

Drinks brands including Jameson, Malibu, Absolut and Clan Campbell have been absent from Leclerc stores since February. The only exception in the dispute is litre bottles of Ricard pastis, Pernod Ricard confirmed today (9 June).

“Leclerc is accustomed to conflicts with its suppliers but this year it’s gone on longer than at other times,” said the head of Pernod Ricard's Ricard business, Philippe Savinel. “We don’t see how Leclerc can’t accept the price increases when all its competitors have,” he said.

The drinks group said that Ricard has been used as a loss leader by the retailer and is only still available because the group obtained a 3% price increase on the brand.

Leclerc is in a similar dispute with French dairy group Lactalis.