Vimtos Lowrider advertisement will initially launch on Facebook on 1 June

Vimto's 'Lowrider' advertisement will initially launch on Facebook on 1 June

Nichols has launched a GBP6.5m (US$10.5m) multimedia campaign for its Vimto brand in the UK.

The campaign, which was announced to UK trade press on Friday (13 May), will include television, radio and online advertisements, and sampling. The soft drinks firm said it has tripled its investment in digital media for Vimto from last year.

The 'Lowrider' advertisement will initially launch on Vimto's Facebook page on 1 June, before being rolled out across UK television channels from 3 June. The brand's recently-launched Original and Cherry sports cap bottles will feature in the advert.

In addition, Nichols has teamed up with music channel MTV to develop an online ad for the station's website.

"We're increasing our marketing campaign by GBP500,000 (US$811,290) this year and using social media as a key area to communicate directly with our target teen audience," said Vimto's senior brand manager, Emma Hunt.

The advert is not currently available but will appear on the brand's Facebook page, where free ringtones, money-off vouchers and music clips will also be offered.