New Zealand Winegrowers has launched a fresh international brand awareness message for the country's key international markets.

The trade organisation said yesterday (1 August) that it had carried out 12 months of research in the UK, US and Australian markets prior to launching the 'Pure Discovery' brand. The body said it has recognised a shift in consumer profile for New Zealand wines, with younger people, women and couples now taking more of an interest in wines from the country.

New Zealand Winegrowers global marketing director Chris Yorke said: "The New Zealand Wine brand has changed and evolved over the years. Our latest research confirms that 'Pure Discovery' is the next stage for New Zealand wine.

"Competition is intensifying in the key overseas markets and New Zealand needs to promote the distinctive attributes that make our wines stand out from the rest. We believe the Pure Discovery brand achieves this."

The company claimed that export forecasts are on track to reach NZ$1bn (US$0.76bn) by 2010 with a target of NZ$2bn by 2015 set.