The New York state Senate has passed a bill that aims to ban the sale of powdered alcohol, as US legislative pressure mounts on the controversial product, according to reports.

Senators yesterday (11 June) approved the legislation, which covers the sale of all concentrated alcoholic beverages, including in liquid, solid and crystalline form, US media reported. The bill now moves to the New York state Assembly.

Its passage follows an application from Lipsmark, the company behind powdered alcohol Palcohol, to get the product approved in the US. In April, it emerged that the US' Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau had approved the product. However, the bureau later said the approval was issued in error

Since then, legislators in a number of states have launched efforts to ban powdered alcohol, that would apply even if federal authorities allow it. Alaska has already reportedly outlawed powdered alcohol, and legislation to ban it was approved in South Carolina last week.

In New York, reports said that the Senate is considering another piece of legislation that would impose a US$5,000 fine on anyone caught selling powdered alcohol.

A video of Palcohol's founder defending his product, can be viewed below: 

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