Drinks over 16oz are facing a ban in New York City

Drinks over 16oz are facing a ban in New York City

New York's proposed ban on large soft drinks could be copied by another US city, according to reports. 

Cambridge, Massachusets, is also looking at limiting the size of sugary soft drinks in its restuarants, in a similar move to the Big Apple, according to the Boston Globe. Henrietta Davis, Mayor of Cambridge, home of Harvard and MIT, has reportedly asked city officials to look at plans and make a recommendation on the issue. 

“As much free will as you can have in a society is a good idea,’’ Davis said yesterday (20 June). "But with a public health issue, you look at those things that are dangerous for people, that need government regulation.’’

However, Cambridge City Councillor Leland Cheung suggested it would be a good idea to see the outcome of New York's bid to bring in a ban before acting.

New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg has caused controversy by proposing a ban on sugary drinks larger than 16oz. Last week the proposal was given the green light by the city's heath board, but the plan is expected to face a legal challenge.