Beverage Marketing Corporation, leading provider of data and consulting services to the worldwide beverage industry, has inaugurated a new Marketing Report for Year 2000, presenting topline statistics in each of the four leading beverage categories in the United States, it was announced today by Michael C. Bellas, company Chairman and CEO.

Designed to give beverage professionals a quick overview and comparison of current data in the marketing of soft drinks, beer, bottled water and fruit beverages in the U.S. market, the new Select Beverage Category Topline Report is one of 27 Market Reports that will be issued by Beverage Marketing Corporation for the Year 2000. Six of these will be entirely new additions to the Report group. They include:

E-Business in the New Beverage Marketplace, The Multiple Beverage Marketplace in China, the Global Beverage Marketplace, Juice and Smoothie Bars in the U.S. and Wine and Spirits in the U.S., in addition to the Topline Report.

The new Topline Report leads off with an executive summary of trends in all four of the key beverage categories. This is followed by individual chapters for each of the four beverage categories, presenting and charting in detail essential marketing and sales statistics as well as a listing and analysis of the leading companies in each category and their brands.

The 30-page executive summary provides an overview of the current situation in each of the four categories, including such concerns as pricing trends and market position, to permit ready comparison of trends and developments not only within but between categories, in an increasingly fluid marketplace where consumers and manufacturers alike have abandoned long-standing barriers between beverage types.

The Beverage Market Reports, recognized as the authoritative annual summaries of key sectors of the beverage industry since the series was inaugurated a quarter-century ago, are now available in electronic versions, on diskette, CD-ROM or directly online, as well as in the familiar printed volumes.

Information on the Topline and the other Beverage Marketing Reports for Year 2000 may be found on the company's website,