The Famous Grouse has undergone a facelift. A new-look bottle and label for the whisky was unveiled yesterday, the same day as the start of the grouse season.

The new bottle features a more distinctive modern neck shape, while the signature of Matthew Gloag, of the founding family, has been embossed into the glass. The label is edged with gold and hopes to create a more contemporary feel.

Emma Heath, Maxxium UK senior marketing manager for the Famous Grouse, said: "We have retained the best of the brand's heritage, whilst boosting its relevance today with a cleaner, more contemporary look. The new pack is a clear statement of our ambitious plans to grow our market share."

The new look is part of a multi-million pound makeover, designed to drive sales of the whisky.

The new bottles will hit bars and retailers' shelves nationwide in the next few weeks.