Coca-Cola Co. is to revamp the packaging for soft drink brand Sprite.

The lemon-lime soft drink will be backed by a new advertising campaign and the first packaging update since the early 1990s, Coke said yesterday (18 May).

The advertising push, known as 'SubLYMONal,' will feature adverts that are the opposite of subliminal advertising, the company said.

Each spot begins with a voiceover that says, "Welcome to 'SubLYMONal' advertising. For best results, do not blink." The commercials even indicate that they are "DVR Ready," tempting people to record and replay them to discover embedded content within. The action in each ad is interrupted by flashing images and messages and each spot closes with the words, "SubLYMONal Message Complete" and the tagline "Obey."

Within the adverts will be special codes that can unlock content on the brand's new website (

"Because our new 'SubLYMONal' campaign overtly parodies the concept of subliminal advertising and acknowledges up front that the commercials contain hidden content, we are sure that people will want to interact with this advertising," said Don King, group director, Sprite, Coca-Cola North America.

The campaign features four 30-second television commercials, one 60-second cinema ad, as well as print and outdoor executions.

At the same time, Sprite's packaging graphics have been redesigned, including a new 'S' brand icon that will be featured on all packaging and marketing elements.