Orange flavoured drinks are making way for more diverse blends

Orange flavoured drinks are making way for more diverse blends

Juice, nectar, still drinks and iced tea flavours are evolving as global tastes shift from orange to more diverse blends, according to a new report.

'Flavour Trends in Juice and Iced Tea Drinks' published by research agency Canadean this week, shows that high orange juice concentrate prices and the financial downturn mean operators are looking to mixed fruit combinations that offer more economical options.

The share of orange has dropped to less than one in every five litres sold of juice, juice drinks and iced teas globally - five years ago, this figure was between 23% and 24%, the report notes.

"The abundance of fresh fruit vended on the street in much of Asia, Africa, the Middle East and Latin America has resulted in a bias towards juice and juice drink sales in the more developed parts of the world like West Europe and North America," the report says. "With many of these markets showing the symptoms of maturing, it has been necessary for operators to offer a more varied assortment of flavours to maintain consumer interest in their products and to add value."

This has contributed to the erosion of orange's share and widened the representation of other flavours and cocktail fruit mixes and blends on the market, Canadean says.

While orange is waning, the second most popular global flavour, lemon, is on the increase, according to the report.

"This can be accredited to lemon's popularity as an iced tea in Asia and lemon's success as an unpackaged still drink in India," the report states. "The phenomenal rise of Limonata in Turkey and the popularity of lemon flavoured sweetened waters in Poland and other East European markets have been contributing factors."