The board said it is focused on consumer safety

The board said it is focused on consumer safety

India will introduce new rules on wine production by the end of the year to standardise the industry and boost exports, according to a local report. 

The Indian Grape Processing Board held its first meeting last week to discuss wine legislation, the Times of India reported. Issues on the table included product definition, quality standards, standard label and standard practices. 

"We must have wine standards that match with world standards with focus on consumer safety if we have to increase wine export,” board chairman, Jagdish Holkar, was reported as saying. “We also cannot bring control on wine being imported into the country until we have wine standards.”

The board will submit draft legislation within three months with the Government expected to issue a notification by the end of the year, Holkar said, adding that India's wine industry will be consulted over the proposals.

The wine market in India is small, with low per capita consumption compared to beer and spirits, however interest is growing, according to an IWSR report last year. The country imports about 250,000 cases of wine annually, of which about 10%, mostly French, comprise the premium end.