Diageo is introducing a new global advertising campaign for its Baileys Irish Cream Liqueur. The first advertisement of the "Serve Chilled" TV campaign made its global debut on UK TV on Monday (10 October).

"Served Chilled" is part of a GBP5m Christmas marketing plan for the Baileys brand in the UK, which also includes outdoor, print, radio and below-the-line activity. The TV campaign is made up of a series of 30 second ads with various executions.

The first ad, named "Ice Bucket," shows the central characters, Lewis and Kelly, relaxing with friends in the Californian sun outside their Hollywood home. Lewis is standing at the drinks table, on which are placed a bottle of Baileys, an ice bucket and several glasses. After several unsuccessful attempts at trying to put an ice cube in a glass using tongs, Lewis pours a measure of Baileys straight into the ice bucket, adds a straw and sits down.

"Magic", the second ad in the series, introduces a new way to serve Baileys - Baileys blended with ice. To promote this, Diageo Great Britain has aligned with Moulinex to produce Baileys branded blenders, which will be available in Tesco, Asda, Dixon's, Curry's, Comet and Argos.

From mid-November the "Serve Chilled" campaign evolves into a Christmas setting with a series of 20-second and 10-second ads, using the same cast of characters.

In a statement, Matt Hunt, senior brand manager for Baileys, said: "Baileys Irish Cream Liqueur is Britain's most popular take-home spirit brand. This campaign is aimed at encouraging consumers to enjoy Baileys in new ways and in less-formal, more-relaxed occasions.

"We're confident the "Serve Chilled" TV campaign will resonate well with our consumers."