Among the more notable drinks releases around the world recently are a bottled water with an oxygen inhaler and a pomegranate addition to the 7Up stable, according to recent research.

Datamonitor today (26 February) highlighted a number of drinks, all of which appear on its latest Productscan database.

Bio2Tonic is being touted as the first US bottled water to come with an inhalable shot of oxygen, the research company said. The drink consists of an oxygen and vitamin-enhanced water that has a canister of oxygen attached to its base. Manufactured by Beverage Creations, the water is designed to enhance the performance levels of its users, and is being especially targeted at people undertaking sporting activities. This marks the first time an oxygen-enhanced bottled water has been released, which has an inhaler built into the bottle.

A vitamin-infused water designed for children has been launched in the US by Y Water, meanwhile. The Y Water Wellness Water is described as an organic, low calorie, functional beverage, which contains vitamins and minerals to aid a child's growth. The bottles are designed to be reused as kids' toys when empty, consisting of three-sided coloured plastic shapes that can be connected together with other Y Water bottles using the supplied connectors (called Y Knots).

In the UK, Solution Sciences has introduced the Alibi Active Pretox Drink, designed to protect the body from toxins received on a daily basis, as opposed to detox drinks that claim to remove toxins from the body. The drink contains a range of vitamins and herbal extracts such as milk thistle and artichoke, combined in a grapefruit and lime flavoured spring water.

In Japan, meanwhile, Nestle has launched an instant coffee mix that is touted as being able to aid relaxation. The Nescafe Excella Coffee Mix is fortified with GABA (gamma-aminobutyric acid), which the company claims has a relaxing effect. The coffee is targeted specifically at women in their 20s.

Cadbury Schweppes introduced a limited edition pomegranate flavoured 7Up in the US over the Christmas period, which was available up to the end of January, the database found. The launch highlights the growing popularity of pomegranate flavours in the drinks market, with mainstream heavyweights like Cadbury Schweppes realising its appeal with consumers as a healthy ingredient, Datamonitor noted.

Finally, Planet Organic has introduced the Planet Organic Organic Cocoa in Australia. This is said to have been shade-grown under forest trees on small farms that operate as part of a cooperative system which ensures farmers receive an equitable return for their crop.