Launches of so-called ethical drinks are gathering pace worldwide, according to new research.

Market research group Datamonitor yesterday (27 August) highlighted several ethical drinks launches, all of which appear on its latest Productscan database.

The Monarch Beverage Company has introduced a new drink to the US market called Acute Fruit 100% Juice Energy Drink, which is said to be carbon neutral. Available in orange passion fruit flavour, the energy beverage has been launched in partnership with the, an organisation that helps companies to offset their carbon emissions.

Another 'green' beverage has been launched in the US by Blue Lake Citrus Products. The Noble 100% Pure All Natural Juice is touted as the first juice brand to be packaged in a bottle that is made from all-natural renewable resources, namely Ingeo and EarthFirst PLA film, which are both corn-based.

Also in the US, PurBlu Beverages has launched Give Natural Spring Water, a bottled water that donates US$0.10 to the charitable cause of the consumer's choice for every bottle sold. Give drinkers can decide which cause to support by selecting any one of three coloured bottles. They include Life, to children in need; Hope, to women with breast cancer; and Love, to the environment.

Over to Japan, and DyDo Drinco has launched an 'unusual' looking beverage called DyDo Juso Tokushu. When three of these bottles are lined up together, the lemon flavoured bottled water presents an image of the product information that looks similar to a contents page in a magazine.

Meanwhile, Multibirra has launched the Ultrapres Liquore in Italy, which consists of coffee liqueur combined with Ultra Delice beer. The 20% ABV beverage is designed to be drunk warm with cream on it, creating a coffee with an 'extra kick'.
Finally, Nestle has introduced the Nescafe Body Partner Complete Coffee Mix in the Philippines in three flavours: Relax, Lingzhi and Protect. Relax is a decaffeinated coffee infused with chamomile, Lingzhi is a coffee with Ganoderma mushroom extract, and Protect is a 100% pure instant coffee that is said to have three times more antioxidants than green tea. Although they all have a novel health positioning, the Lingzhi variety contains Ganoderma mushroom extract, which is touted to be a very novel ingredient for the coffee market.