A look at this month's new beverage products includes the Cocaine controversy in the US, a newly-sized water targeting men in the UK and a Brazilian octagonally-packaged water.

In the US, Redux Beverages' Cocaine Energy Drink is marketed as giving the user a legal high, creating a euphoric feeling within five minutes of drinking it, followed by an energy buzz that lasts for up to six hours. According to company literature, the drink contains 280 milligrams of caffeine, making it 350% stronger than its rival Red Bull. The company has refused to divulge what the main ingredient is that provides the energy high, saying that this is confidential information.

Princes Soft Drinks has presented its water brand, Aqua-Pura, in a larger one-litre sized bottle in the UK. The new size is aimed at attracting men to the brand, who are said to desire a larger-sized bottled water when they are exercising. Aqua-Pura, which sponsors the UK athletics team, claims to be the leading big bottled water brand in the UK.

Lindoyana de Aguas Minerais has also introduced its mineral water brand in a new style of packaging. The Acqua Mineral Water, launched in Brazil, is presented in a Tetra Prisma pack, consisting of an octagonal-shaped carton - claimed to be the first water brand to be sold in this format.
Meanwhile, Danone has developed a different way of promoting its new variety of Danup Yogurt Drink in Spain. The Edicion Limitada variant of the low fat drink does not advertise its flavour on the packaging; instead, the consumer is invited to guess the flavour in an online contest, the winner of which will receive a trip for six people.
German company Karlsberg Brauerei has combined beer with fruit juice and functional extracts in its home market. Its Acti-Fit Bier-Frucht-Mischgetrank brand combines beer and fruit juices with Echinacea, green tea and vitamin C, and is also said to be high in vitamins E, B6, B1 and B12. The beer is available in pharmacies.

Vodochnaya Artel Yat has launched a new brand of vodka in Russia which is available in some unusual flavours, including rye, horseradish and garlic. The vodka is presented in a glass bottle which has a handle.